AGlazed Fouga Magister.

AGlazed Fouga Magister.

THe Dutch Historic Jet Association have given praise to the AGlaze system.
Fouga Magister CM-170


Their Fouga Magister CM-170 was AGlazed by Angus Craig, of AGlaze Benelux in The Netherlands, at the end of last year.

Fons Hemmelder, The Dutch Historic Jet Associations Board Member for Operational Affairs, gave high praise to the AGlaze system saying

after the application of AGlaze, our aircraft is much easier to clean which saves us a lot of labour hours, the colours look much brighter & shiny’


He further added that we do experience during low level navigation flights a much higher indicated airspeed with the same power setting, for example with the recommended range-power-setting according to the Aircraft Operating Manual, the resulting speed would be 210kts, Now, with the same power setting our aircraft flies 225kts, which equals a saving of more than 7%’



The Fouga is the first jet-powered trainer used after the 2nd World War, which was developed in Europe. It is specially designed for the education and training of the postwar generation of fighter pilots.